Indy on a trip to Germany.


Who is Indy

Indy was born on May 25 2013 in Germany. Her pedigree name is Hooge von der Lembecksburg. She was one out of 8 wonderful puppies. 

She comes from Kennel Hovawarte von der Lembecksburg. A small kennel under the German kennelclub HZD. Read more about them at Her mothers name is Aimy von der Lembecksburg.

Indys father is Emil von den Nornen. Read more about him at 

Indy is very healthy: HD A, AD O, OSD not proven. Eyes clear. 

Indy has a a job as a therapydog, at a home for physically and mentally disabled people. This is where Ruth works a socialworker. Indy has been at work since she was 10 weeks old. She loves to be with the residents, and brings lots of joy and happinsess into their lives. 

Indy is a certified reading dog. She works twice a week at our local school, and once a week at the library. We are very happy and proud, that Indy possess the calmness and patience that is requied for these kinds of jobs. 

Indy has passed all three levels at a trainings program, desingned by the danish kennel club, called driver license for dogs. We highly recommend this type of dog training.

Indy and Jette are training Rally-O. Indy is very good at this and has reached the medium level.

As somthing new, we have started training Nosework. Indy can search for 2 different sents, lavender and eucalyptus. 

Indy loves to play, and as a true Hovawart it is sometimes a bit wild and loud. She can easily play with all types of dogs. She has never shown agression. 

We travel quite a lot, and Indy is always by our side. She loves holidays and spending time at hotels. We have travelled to France in a camper with Indy. This was great for all of us.

Indy has her own Facebook page, it's called Indy, the traveling Hovi. Here you can follow her adventures and daily life.

This is the reason, we have chosen to name our kennel The Traveling Hovi.



Indy is swimming in a pool for dogs, twice a week. She loves it, and it keeps her in shape.